Medical negligence: Couple sues St. John Hospital & Fertility Centre for ₵5m

A couple has filed a lawsuit against St. John Hospital & Fertility Centre, alleging medical negligence that resulted in the death of their baby. They are seeking a compensation of GH₵5 million for the loss of life, pain, and suffering caused by the hospital’s actions.

In their statement of claim, Ekow Andoh and Sandra Tekyiwaa Sackey have requested the court to declare that the defendant is vicariously liable for the medical negligence of its health workers, whose negligent acts led to the diagnosis of severe asphyxia and the subsequent death of their baby. Additionally, they are seeking an order for the defendant to cover the cost of litigation, including legal fees based on the Ghana Bar Association Scale of Fees 2022.

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The couple argues that the defendant was aware or should have been aware that its health workers’ actions fell below the standard of care. They claim that the hospital’s midwives refused the second plaintiff’s request for elective caesarean section at the start of delivery, resulting in a prolonged delivery, severe asphyxiation, and ultimately, the death of their baby.

Furthermore, the couple alleges that the hospital’s delay in decision-making and inadequate care contributed to the severe asphyxiation and eventual death of their baby. The second plaintiff, upon discharge, discovered issues with the stitched part of her vagina, causing discomfort and infection.

The Holy Care Specialist Hospital, upon examination, found that the stitches were not carried out to standard, leading to infection and ongoing anaemia in the second plaintiff.

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The couple also accuses the hospital of circulating information in a WhatsApp group, blaming Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for the baby’s death rather than taking responsibility. They claim that the defendant removed the second plaintiff from the WhatsApp group amid inquiries from grieving mothers.

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