Midwife helps a Pregnant woman deliver in fast moving ‘troski’ (video)

In a remarkable incident that unfolded unexpectedly, a video has emerged showcasing the heroic actions of Adams Fatimata, a midwife from Ghana, who came to the aid of a pregnant woman in delivering her baby inside a moving commercial vehicle locally known as a “troski.”

This incident shed light on the unpredictable circumstances in which the midwife’s skills were put to the test. Amidst the passengers on the bus, the pregnant woman suddenly went into labor, experiencing intense pain and desperately calling for assistance.

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Fatimata, coincidentally present in the same vehicle, recognized the opportunity to play a crucial role in helping the distressed woman, despite the absence of proper medical equipment or protective gear.

Driven by compassion and a strong sense of duty, Fatimata fearlessly took charge of the situation. With the baby’s head already emerging, she utilized all her expertise to ensure a safe delivery for both the mother and the child within the confines of the bus.

Following the successful delivery, the bus proceeded to a nearby hospital to secure proper medical care for the mother and the newborn.

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Acknowledging the immediate need for medical attention, Fatimata quickly arranged for their transfer to the hospital, ensuring they received the necessary care and support.

In a subsequent interview with Rafiq Salam, JoyNews’ Upper West Regional correspondent, Fatimata shared her astonishment at the unexpected and challenging circumstances she encountered during the incident.

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