Nine fishermen reportedly missing at sea

Fishermen residing in Takoradi, a coastal district in the Western region, are experiencing a deep sense of apprehension due to the disappearance of a canoe along with its nine-member crew while out at sea.

On June 27, 2023, the crew embarked on their journey, but they have not returned since then.

Reports indicate that the fishermen lost communication with their fellow colleagues shortly after setting sail. Concerned by the absence of all nine crew members, their families and friends are distressed.

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Kwame Tawiah, the owner of the boat, spoke to the media and revealed that the crew members departed from the Ngyirasia fishing harbor, intending to reach the Half Assini area, but they have not come back.

He mentioned that they have sought assistance from the police and are hopeful that the missing crew will be located soon.

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Mr. Tawiah also disclosed that the missing crew managed to make a brief call to him on the morning of July 7, confirming their well-being but mentioning that they had run out of fuel. Unfortunately, their phone disconnected abruptly, and their current whereabouts remain unknown.

In an effort to locate the missing crew members, six additional boats have been deployed, and MTN has been notified to aid in tracking their last known location.

The situation remains tense, and the search for the missing fishermen continues.

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