Over 5000 houses earmarked for demolition at Millennium City

More than 5,000 residences situated in the Millennium City vicinity of the Central region are on the verge of being demolished due to encroachment activities.

The developer of this area has commenced the initial phase of the demolition procedure, which encompasses the identification of the affected housing units to be removed at a later time.

Coordinated by a contingent of over 100 police officers from the Central East Police Command, the developer has initiated the process of tagging the housing units for forthcoming demolition.

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Each of the designated units now displays markings indicating their impending removal, with the police overseeing the operation to ensure its seamless execution.

The development firm, 21st-century Construction Limited, has revealed that they have obtained a court order from the Ofaakor District Court to address the encroachment issues within their property. They have also expressed their concern about how encroachment activities are negatively impacting their operations.

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“If you have seen Police men going round in Millennium City, it is by the order of the court. People are trying to destroy our estate. Most of them are foreigners and because of small money, they are giving us trouble.

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“Our clients are unable to develop their land when they buy from us. They keep saying I don’t have any land in Millennium City, but I am daring them to come forward with documents. We went to Ofaakor Circuit Court to take a court order to move the encroachers from our land.

“Those whose houses have been earmarked must know that this is the first phase of the exercise, the second phase will be the demolition stage. They must either come forward for renegotiation or face demolition,” Kofi Asthma the developer at Millennium said.

The construction company also bemoaned the impact of landguard activities in the area.

“The issue of landguard is disturbing the peace of the people of Millennium City. They demand digging fees, threatening the lives of developers, and making life unbearable for developers,” Kofi Asthma added.

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