Police arrest two over alleged penis disappearances at Ada Kasseh

The Kasseh Police Command in Ada has detained two individuals, Tayabu Eliazu, 35, and Assan Gariba, 24, for alleging that their manhood disappeared after shaking hands with a stranger near the Kasseh central mosque.

This accusation led to a mob assault on Abubakr Tanko, an Ivorian national, who was blamed by the two men for the disappearance of their manhoods.

The victim is currently receiving treatment at the Ada East District Hospital.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Joseph Atsu Dzineku, the Ada Divisional Police Commander, confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA). He revealed that one of the arrested individuals, who initially complained about his missing penis, later claimed it had been restored but was not as strong as before, while the other insisted that it had significantly shrunk.

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ACP Dzineku stated, “We informed them that we are not medical professionals, so we cannot verify the truth of their claims. For now, we will hold them until the victim is discharged and can be interrogated to ascertain the facts before deciding our next course of action.”

He also mentioned that the police would arrange for medical professionals to examine the individuals to determine the validity of their claims.

He advised the public against taking the law into their own hands and engaging in mob attacks, urging them instead to refer alleged criminal matters to the police for investigation.

Narrating the incident to the GNA at the police station, Tayabu, one of the detainees, said that on June 5, at around 8:00 PM, Tanko approached them near the Kasseh mosque, requesting a place to spend the night as it was too late for him to continue his journey to Côte d’Ivoire from Benin.

He said they introduced him to the Imam, who informed him that he could not be allowed to sleep in the mosque.

The arrested two men then suggested to him to sleep around the mosque as others have been doing to enable him to rest and continue the journey at dawn.

“We later bought some rice to eat as he was also eating by then; suddenly we both realised the shrinking of our penis, and we suspected him as the one who had caused it because we shook hands with him before going to the Imam,” Tayabu said.

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He said they screamed to draw the attention of bystanders, who, without any further inquiry, also started beating the stranger until he was rescued by the police and sent to the hospital due to the wounds he sustained.

Mr Ebenezer Kpodo, the Assembly Member for the Kasseh electoral area, said such an incident happened about fifteen years ago.

He also called on the public to prompt authorities or the police whenever they see a stranger or anybody with questionable actions.

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