Report betting companies that refuse to pay winnings – Gaming Commission

A Ghanaian man named Theophilus Morgan had an extraordinary experience when he won a high-stakes bet but faced a difficult challenge in obtaining his winnings from SafariBet Sports Betting, the company he placed the bet with.

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Mr. Morgan’s impressive win amounted to Ghȼ57 million and was the result of an extensive betting effort that took place from November 7 to November 11, 2018. He placed bets on 24 games, each replicated 220 times, involving well-known football leagues like the English Premier League, Champions League, Italian Serie A, and Europa League. However, SafariBet Sports Betting refused to pay out the substantial amount, which prompted Mr. Morgan to take legal action. He filed a complaint with the Gaming Commission and pursued the matter in court, eventually winning a favorable default judgment. Unfortunately, SafariBet had already ceased operations in the country by the time the judgment was obtained, leaving Mr. Morgan in a state of uncertainty.

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In April 2019, the Gaming Commission suspended African Gaming and Entertainment, trading as SafariBet Sports Betting, as a belated response to the company’s actions. This suspension served as a precautionary measure to protect future customers from similar experiences. The Gaming Commission expressed its commitment to resolving issues promptly and fairly, emphasizing that instances of non-payment of winnings are taken seriously. They have implemented regulatory reforms and improved their reporting lines and complaints unit to provide an efficient system for addressing grievances. These measures aim to ensure transparency, fairness, and customer protection in the sports betting industry in Ghana.

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