See the regional breakdown of ongoing limited registration so far

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has announced notable advancements in the current voter registration campaign, recording a total of 143,014 individuals registered across the nation.

Commencing on Tuesday, May 7, this registration initiative primarily targets first-time voters and those aiming to acquire a voter card. Scheduled to span 21 days, the campaign is slated to wrap up on May 27, 2024.

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Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the EC, has shed light on the registration procedures, forecasting an estimated registration of around 623,000 first-time voters nationwide.

The EC’s projection underscores the significance of this exercise in ensuring the inclusion of new voters in the democratic process.

A regional breakdown of the registration figures reveals varying levels of participation across different regions.

Notably, the Greater Accra region has registered 17,837 voters, with other regions like Ashanti recording higher numbers, totalling 25,558 registrations.

These figures provide a glimpse into the geographical distribution of voter registrations and highlight areas of higher turnout.

Despite the progress made, the EC continues to work towards achieving its registration target before the conclusion of the exercise.

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