Serwaa Amihere Apologises To Action Chapel Over Choir Design Theft

Serwaa Amihere has publicly apologized to Action Chapel International after being exposed for making a false claim of owning intellectual property. In a press release that followed substantial criticism, Office + Co., Serwaa Amihere’s fashion company, admitted that there were deficiencies in the intellectual property rights associated with the Celine dress. They attributed this shortcoming to a gap in their internal intellectual property assurance protocols.

As a result, they have taken proactive measures to improve their mechanisms for preventing intellectual property infringements. To demonstrate their commitment to upholding intellectual property rights, they have removed the Celine dress from their clothing collection.

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Serwaa Amihere expressed her frustration on social media, accusing the popular Christian Church of profiting from her creation, which she firmly believes belongs exclusively to her.

The incident occurred during a worship service at Action Chapel, where choir members were seen wearing dresses that closely resembled those advertised by Serwaa Amihere on her “officeandcobyspa” platform. Pictures of the event were featured on the church’s Facebook page, which caught Serwaa’s attention and led her to voice her grievances. It’s worth noting that her original Facebook post has since been deleted.

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In her Facebook post, she stated, “This is my intellectual property, Action Worship Center. Your choristers stole my design. Something I am selling. That is wickedness. Pure wickedness.” After posting a picture of the dress design on social media, Serwaa faced backlash from netizens who accused her of stealing the concept from Pinterest. Despite claiming it as her own intellectual property, fans quickly shared evidence proving otherwise. In an effort to salvage her reputation, Serwaa promptly removed the post.

Even after deleting the post, some fans took to their own social media timelines to call her out, leading to a variety of responses from netizens.

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