He’s Fraud- Cynthia Morgan Chides Her Father As She Demands DNA Test

Cynthia Morgan has taken to social media to publicly criticize her father and has requested a DNA test to confirm their biological relationship. She made this request due to her father’s failure to fulfill his parental responsibilities. The dancehall artist suspects that her father’s exploitation of her limited wealth may indicate that he is, in fact, her biological father.

In addition, Cynthia accuses her father of spreading false information about her and attempting to damage her reputation through media appearances.

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She also expresses her frustration with her father’s sense of entitlement, emphasizing that only a “fraudulent father” would expect his children to care for him before offering prayers for them. Cynthia Morgan, known for her song “Don’t Break My Heart,” is the fifth child among her father’s nine children and laments that he does not comprehend the pain she has endured.

She wrote; “My supposed father’s favourite phrase is ‘you have to take care of your father o, you have to take care of your father o’. So he can always pray for you. Bro, I don’t have and btw I don’t even owe you a WAEC certificate. And if my money is equal to your prayers then you’re a fraudulent father. I always knew the part of him being a fraud though. Reason I am finally asking for a DNA.

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“A father who doesn’t know his daughter’s pain is not a father. And btw I am the 5th of his 9 kids. And like I said I don’t owe him a WAEC certificate. That’s just to cut the story short. He has been going about telling all sorts of lies about me to his family members lately and they even said he has been trying to get on blogs so let me put it out here for him. I want a DNA”.

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