FDA suspends operations of four sachet water companies in South Tongu District

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has promptly halted the operations of four sachet water-producing companies in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region. The decision came after the FDA detected the presence of microorganisms in water samples from these companies, rendering the water unfit for human consumption.

This action was taken as part of safety measures, considering the flooding incidents in the lower Volta region following the Akosombo Dam spillage. The exercise was carried out by the Volta Region Director of the FDA, Gordon Akurugu, along with officials from the FDA, the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit, and the Ghana Health Service.

Of the four facilities, two rely on boreholes as their water source, while one is supplied by the Ghana Water Company. The fourth company pumps water directly from the Volta Lake for its production.

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Mr. Akurugu explained that all four facilities, which are registered with the FDA, had malfunctioning Ultraviolet disinfection systems, making them incapable of purifying water that had been exposed to microorganisms. He pointed out that because some of these facilities use boreholes, water from the dam may have contaminated their wells.

Additionally, Mr. Akurugu noted that all water produced during this period has been detained for proper disposal, while the FDA collaborates with the facilities to address the identified issues before allowing them to resume production.

“So far we have visited several facilities and samples were picked up 3 days ago. Unfortunately, four of the facilities have been affected by water having microbiological issues. There have been a growth in the samples we picked and therefore those facilities need to fix them before we allow them to come into the market,” he said.

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“And it is not only sachet water producers we are visiting, but we are also visiting food vendors, we are visiting restaurant operators, hotels to ensure that they don’t use unsafe water to serve clients,” he added.

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