South Africa Hotel Staff Steal $1K And €200 Cash From Bag Of Ghanaian Journalist

Renowned Ghanaian journalist Ridwan Karim Dini-Osman, who has received international accolades, had a harrowing experience during his stay in South Africa when hotel personnel purportedly took away a sum of one thousand US dollars ($1000) and two hundred euros (€200) in cash from his luggage inside his hotel accommodations.

He narrates that “I am compelled to share a shocking incident that took place during my recent stay at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice by Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch. This revelation comes not just as a personal disappointment, but as a dire warning to all those who value their safety and trust in hospitality establishments.My purpose in South Africa was to attend an award ceremony, with my accommodation pre-arranged by the event organisers at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice by Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch. This seemingly reputable choice turned into an ordeal that I cannot remain silent about”.

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Ridwan Karim Dini Osman continued that “during my 5-day stay in room 107, a significant sum of money – $1000 USD and 200 Euros – was stolen from my briefcase, a violation of personal space that should never occur in any establishment, let alone one that prides itself on hospitality”.

According to him ,his briefcase remained in the hotel room, untouched so he had no reason to withdraw any cash from it “as I had my visa card at hand, and the organisers had also provided me with a per diem allowance. I am certain the hotel staff stole my money. The basis for my suspicion that the hotel cleaning staff are involved in the disappearance of my money is that I meticulously counted the money on the day of my check-in, and I did not permit any outsiders into my room during my stay.
It’s also important to note that only the cleaning staff had the means to access my room”.

Expressing his astonishment, the journalist conveyed his disbelief regarding the occurrence.

“On the day I discovered the theft, 5th August 2023, I took immediate action by reporting the incident to the police and, the hotel management, hoping for a comprehensive investigation into the matter. What I received instead was an email on the outcome of an investigation absolving both the hotel and its staff of any responsibility.

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I write this post out of a genuine concern for the well-being of all travellers. Your safety, security and trust deserve to be upheld and respected at all times when you choose a place to stay.
The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice by Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch has fallen short of these fundamental expectations”.

Adding to his disbelief, the journalist was greatly taken aback by the lack of professionalism demonstrated by both the hotel administration and the local law enforcement authorities in South Africa.

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