Tears flow as Ghanaian teenage student in the UK is killed by Nigerian teenage student over drugs

In the UK, the Northampton Crown Court has determined that Kwabena Osei-Poku, a Ghanaian student, was killed by his Nigerian peer, Melvin Lebaga-Idubor. Lebaga-Idubor was found guilty of murder and possessing a knife, receiving sentencing in January. Both individuals, aged 19 and students at Northampton University, were involved in drug dealing, specifically selling cannabis.

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In April, Lebaga-Idubor and an associate, Ogechi Eke, deceived Kwabena into believing they wanted to purchase drugs from him. Unbeknownst to Kwabena, they robbed him of his £1,000 stash and cautioned him against selling drugs in their territory. In an attempt to recover his drugs, Kwabena pursued them, leading to a tragic incident where Melvin stabbed him twice in the neck.

Despite being taken to the hospital, Kwabena succumbed to his injuries. CCTV footage revealed Melvin seeking medical assistance in the aftermath of the stabbing. Following a six-week trial, the court convicted Melvin of murder and possession of a knife. However, Eze was acquitted of all charges, including manslaughter.

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