Two dead, one mad: The strange story of the four Ghanaian university students who went for ‘hook-up’ duties in Nigeria

Vanessa, who came from a humble background, attended university and initially shared a room with three other young women whom she found to be extremely giving. However, as time went on, their lives took a drastic turn due to the lifestyle choices they collectively made.

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This young woman, Vanessa, has recounted her initiation into a group that arranged social encounters at the university, and she later embarked on a trip to Nigeria with her newfound friends to attend a party.

“Truly, I saw big men when I went to the venue. We sat at a table and had conversations with some big men. I was even introduced to alcohol that evening. But they left me alone with one of the men who took me to a room and slept with me. He gave me $200 and some cedis for transport the next morning,” she narrated to a pastor in a video sighted on the TikTok page of a user named hisheartbeat7.

Happy with the money she made in just one night, she decided to join them and along the way, they had to travel to Nigeria for a party that had all the powerful Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrities in attendance.

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“The room they took me to was very big with three big beds. I was there with four other ladies. Before we moved from the venue of the party, I could see others engaging in sexual acts in the hallway and they didn’t care. The party seemed like an orgy. Later, five men came into the room and had sex with all of us. They were just exchanging us. I had no choice than to do it because I needed the money they were offering. Big and popular women also slept with us. That is what happened for the rest of the week I spent in Nigeria with my friends.”

It was after this party their woes started.

“On the day of our return, my friend, Pearl (fake name), had an attack in the flight. She complained about a bad headache she was battling and we asked her to take enough water and she did. But she suddenly started bleeding from the nose and vomiting till we arrived at the airport in Ghana. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but died after three days.”

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They mourned their friend and returned to their lifestyle afterwards.

“We visited our godmother who kept linking us to these men but it wasn’t as frequent as we used to go,” Vanessa narrated.

Not too long after another one of her friends started behaving strangely.

“Subsequently, Vincentia; one of the ladies started behaving strangely. She started acting like a mad person. So, we rushed her to the hospital but were advised to take her to a psychiatric hospital. She was released to go home one day but run away and we haven’t heard from her again till now.”

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