Wa: 35-year-old man who defiled over 12 children to appear in court today

The individual, aged 35, who has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 12 children in Wa, the capital of the Upper West region, is scheduled to make an appearance in the Wa Circuit Court today.

Last Monday, Rashid Ahmed was placed in custody by the circuit court after being formally charged with 12 counts of child sexual abuse.

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Although the charges were officially presented to the accused, his plea was postponed until Monday, August 14, to grant the prosecution adequate time to finalize their inquiry.

Rashid Ahmed, who had been on the run since August 4, was apprehended after a resident of Wa filed a complaint with the Upper West Regional police CID, accusing him of engaging in sexual acts with over 30 children in Wa.

Police sources indicate that he had successfully evaded capture for the preceding two months.

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On Monday, August 7, a substantial gathering of parents, relatives of the purportedly abused girls, and individuals from diverse backgrounds congregated at the Wa Circuit Court, eager to catch a glimpse of the accused and observe the legal proceedings.

Commending the efforts of the police, the Upper West Regional Director of the Department of Children’s Affairs lauded their dedication and encouraged local residents to expose individuals whose actions have detrimental effects on the well-being and development of children.

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