Woman who claims to have been taken to another world by dwarfs shares experience

The story of a young woman from Kwahu-Tafo a community in the Eastern Region, being allegedly abducted by dwarfs has captured the town’s attention and sparked conversations on social media.

Reports say the woman, who had vanished without a trace for six months, resurfaced under enigmatic circumstances on the outskirts of the town on April 15, 2024.

Initially presumed to be a case of abduction, residents were astonished when the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, corroborated suspicions that she had indeed been whisked away to another realm inhabited by dwarfs.

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According to local reports, the community rallied around the distressed woman, seeking the intervention of spiritualist Nana Kwame Mframa, renowned for his expertise in matters beyond the ordinary. Nana Kwame Mframa conducted rituals at the site of her reappearance before escorting her safely home

In a video that has since gone viral, the young woman vividly recounted her surreal journey, describing a breathtaking world that surpassed the beauty of our own. Speaking in the local dialect, Twi, she revealed, “When I gained consciousness, I realized I was at a different place – the place was very beautiful. The people who live there are just like humans, just that some of them are short like genies while others are very tall.”

Her testimony unfolded a narrative of emotional turmoil and fascination as she detailed her interactions with the denizens of this mysterious realm. “After I gained consciousness, I cried for two months. I became like a source of entertainment for them,” she revealed, her voice trembling with emotion. “But after I stopped crying, they sat and stared at me quietly.”

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Recounting the splendour of her temporary abode, she expressed a longing to return, lamenting, “The place was very beautiful, it is in a very huge stone, I wish I was not brought back. Where we slept was amazing… I don’t even know how to describe it.”

Nana Kwame Mframa, the spiritual guide who facilitated her return, cautioned the woman to adhere meticulously to the instructions imparted by the dwarfs to avert any potential repercussions from her otherworldly hosts.

Watch the video below:

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