I almost took my life – Fella Makafui

Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui recently shared a poignant moment from her life, revealing how she once felt driven to contemplate suicide due to the barrage of negative comments she faced on social media.

Speaking candidly during an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, she disclosed that she has endured extensive bullying, positioning herself as one of the most targeted figures in Ghana’s celebrity sphere.

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Reflecting on the harrowing ordeal that pushed her to the brink, Fella, currently engaged in promoting her film ‘Resonance,’ admitted that it severely impacted her mental well-being. Despite the challenges, she expressed gratitude for the strength to weather such adversity, emphasizing her decision to refrain from engaging with critics who fail to offer constructive support.

Fella attributed her resilience to a higher power, acknowledging the grace of God in guiding her through these trials.

“So far as you don’t say it that much, it stays where it is. The bad word travels more than the truth. 2019, I was having a meeting with my manager, and he told me about something that was happening on social media and I almost took my life.

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If I tell you today that I don’t come out publicly, that’s it. The trolling effect had to be debunked, I don’t say so much to prove a point. If we are talking about people that get bullied, I am one of them. The moment I say it, it’s gone, so I don’t want to mention it.”

Fella Makafui thank God for giving her the grace to go through these difficulties.

“I just believe that God blesses us through our hearts. We shouldn’t hate and envy, I move with these three things. I think God is probably blessing me. I don’t think I go to church like that, I think we should do well.”

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