Yendi court remands man for stabbing his friend with scissors

In Yendi, Northern Region, a suspect who allegedly stabbed his friend with scissors in the chest was remanded into police custody by the Yendi Circuit court, presided over by his honour Anthony Aduku-Aidoo.

Both the victim and the suspect, Sumaila Yakubu, aged 20 and unemployed, are residents of Yendi. The incident occurred on July 26, 2023, around 2:50 am at a local food joint named ‘Waakye’ near the Yendi Community Centre, where both individuals were present.

An argument between the two escalated into a physical fight when the suspect questioned the victim’s reason for being outside at that hour. In the heat of the altercation, Sumaila Yakubu took out a pair of scissors from his pocket and stabbed the victim on the left side of his chest. After the attack, the suspect fled, leaving his slippers behind, while the victim fell to the ground, bleeding and calling for help.

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A witness, the food seller at the joint, rushed the injured victim to the Yendi municipality hospital. The case was reported to the police, and a medical form was issued to document the victim’s injuries. The suspect was later apprehended at Kuga Naa Palace where he was invited.

Appearing before the Yendi Circuit Court, the suspect, Sumaila Yakubu, was charged with unlawful possession and intentionally causing harm to the victim. He admitted to the offense, leading to his conviction by the presiding judge, his honour Anthony Aduku-Aidoo. The suspect was remanded into prison custody and is scheduled to reappear on August 10 for sentencing.

Additionally, another suspect, Ibrahim Jaafar, a 39-year-old electrician, was also remanded into police custody by the same judge for allegedly engaging in illegal connections of electricity belonging to the Northern Electricity Distribution Company, Nedco Power. He was charged with dishonesty and admitted to the offense. Ibrahim Jaafar was granted bail with a sum of GH¢10,000 and two sureties, one of whom needs to be justified. He is also scheduled to reappear on August 10, 2023.

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