10 habits of people who stay strong, even when life doesn’t go as planned

Life rarely goes as planned. And it’s times like that when the people who can stay strong shine.

But what makes these people tick? What are their habits and ways to prevent, react, and cope with life’s challenges?

Well, you’re about to find out!

1) They embrace failure, not endure it

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

– Mike Tyson

Instead of fearing failure, people who stay strong welcome it as a learning opportunity. They learned early on that setbacks give them valuable insights that lead to future success.

That’s amazing because most people see setbacks and failures as extremely negative. Not as blessings in disguise.

To practice for failure, strong people love stepping out of their comfort zone intentionally, which helps build resilience. 

This might involve taking cold showers, fasting, or doing things that challenge mental and physical limits, like running a marathon or doing a triathlon.

2) They practice detachment

Most people take everything that concerns them personally. Yet, in order to stay sane, you need to detach yourself mentally from the things you have no control over. 

Yes, you still care deeply about goals and aspirations, but practicing detachment means you’re open to outcomes beyond your control. 

With this mindset, you reduce attachment to specific results, leading to greater peace and flexibility in the face of change.

For example, instead of becoming overly attached to a specific job title or career path, people practicing detachment focus on acquiring transferable skills and being open to opportunities that align with their strengths and interests.

3) They have a positive mindset

A positive mindset can move mountains. I really believe that. But what does it take to develop this outlook?

Positive thinkers focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, which helps them maintain a hopeful outlook and see the potential for improvement.

They ask themselves, “What can I do to improve this situation?” And so this proactive approach empowers them to take action.

Instead of dwelling on worst-case scenarios, they focus on the possibilities and opportunities lying ahead.

4) They use humor

Humor is my go-to approach for dealing with everyday challenges because it’s such a powerful coping mechanism. 

Finding the lighter side of challenging situations gives me relief and perspective, helping me go through tough times with a more positive perspective.

I remain strong by finding humor in the irony or absurdity of a situation. 

For example, if I’m stuck in a traffic jam on a day I was trying to be punctual, I just chuckle at the unexpected twist of events and the irony of it all.

When life doesn’t go to plan, turn to humor as a consolation. Or just start singing, Let it be.

5) They visualize success

Did you know that many elite athletes use visualization techniques when training and competing? 

Visualizing success gives them an edge to improve their performance, training, and rehabilitation efforts. 

But what is it really?

Visualization simply involves imagining successful outcomes in detail. Regularly visualizing positive scenarios helps you build confidence and prepare the mind to handle challenges more effectively.

It’s amazing, really, how powerful our minds are when we use their full potential. 

6) They’re physically active

While I’m mentioning athletes, what are they most known for? Practicing over and over again, right? 

Day in and day out, their whole world revolves around competition and practice. 

But you don’t have to go to these lengths. Regular physical activity is enough to benefit both the body and mind. 

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Exercise releases endorphins, natural mood enhancers. Therefore, engaging in activities like walking, yoga, or jogging alleviates stress and helps us maintain a positive outlook.

If you want an effective and fast workout, don’t look further than jumping rope. 

7) They’re kind

Helping others creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Acts of kindness benefit the recipient but also uplift people who do them. 

Maybe even more so. 

You see, when you help others, you reduce your own stress as well as improve self-esteem, mood, and happiness. 

It’s another testament to how wonderfully peculiar and incredible our minds are. 

So, for example, if you start volunteering for a cause close to your heart, you get a sense of purpose and community. 

Plus, helping others facing challenges often puts your personal difficulties into perspective. 

Be selfish and help others!

8) They learn from nature

But our minds aren’t the only amazing thing. Nature itself is even more incredible, don’t you think?

I often Google how Nature copes with adverse situations. 

For example, desert plants thrive in harsh conditions by storing water and adapting to limited resources. 

Similarly, we can find ways to conserve energy, manage resources, and adapt to challenging environments.

That’s especially helpful when everything is as expensive as it is right now. I see this period as Winter, where we stretch our existing resources and stick to a strict budget.

Earn more and save more.  

9) They use “what if” scenarios

Another strategy strong people do is mentally exploring “what if” scenarios. This prepares them for unexpected challenges. 

It’s similar to the visualization technique, but it’s more focused on predicting potential difficulties to develop strategies to handle them effectively. 

Whenever I can’t fall asleep because I have a big day tomorrow, I put down on paper the things that could go wrong and what I’d do in that case. 

This lets my mind vent and be more relaxed. 

10) They turn to music

When everything else fails, strong people turn to music. It has the power to transport our minds wherever we want it to go. 

If I feel emotional and want to lean into it, there’s a playlist for that. If I want to feel energized and motivated, sure enough, there’s a playlist.

And if I want to get over a hurdle, there’s a song for that. 

Strong people compile a playlist of songs that inspire strength and determination. Listening to these tracks during tough times boosts their mood and motivation.

It’s as simple as that. 

Always have a song that will help you get through the day. For many years, this was my go-to song (Elton John – I’m Still Standing).

Final thoughts

It’s our habits and actions that define us. More so than words. If you want to feel strong, you have to believe you’re strong and act like it. 

A lion can play like a house cat, but 99% of the time, it still behaves like a lion. 

So, to be a lion, you have to act, behave, and believe you’re one!

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