33-year-old man sentenced to death for offering son as sacrifice

An individual, aged 33, has been sentenced to capital punishment by the Accra High Court for tossing his two-year-old child into the ocean at Akuma Village in Accra, with the intention of gaining wealth through a sacrificial act. This judgment followed a unanimous guilty verdict reached by a seven-member jury against Prince Acquaye, also known as Juu, who worked as a food vendor and was charged with murder.

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Despite Ghana’s recent repeal of the death penalty in Parliament, the new law will only apply to future cases and not those already in progress.

The prosecution’s account reveals that Abigail Nyumor, the complainant and the convict’s girlfriend, was also involved in the food vending business. The couple lived with their deceased young son.

In February 2021, the convict allegedly informed the complainant not to be alarmed if something were to happen to their child, as they were on the verge of becoming wealthy. On April 20, 2021, around noon, the convict reportedly gave the victim money to purchase groundnuts, lured him to the seaside, and threw him into the sea while the complainant was asleep.

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After being alerted by neighbors, the complainant was awakened and informed that the child had been thrown into the sea by the convict. Subsequently, the convict was apprehended, and although the victim was rescued and taken to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, he sadly passed away the following day.

Initial investigations suggest that the convict had been initiated into occult practices and was instructed to perform a sacrifice. He chose to sacrifice his own son by throwing him from the 33-foot-high cliff at Akuma Village, overlooking the sea.

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