Nkawkaw MP speaks out about stadium converted into maize farm

Joseph Frimpong, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Nkawkaw constituency, has spoken out regarding the recent controversy surrounding the Nkawkaw sports stadium, which has been transformed into a maize farm.

Last week, Adom News reported that the formerly lively stadium had been deserted for an extended period and repurposed for farming, causing widespread concerns among local residents.

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Addressing this matter, the MP acknowledged that the cultivation of maize on a section of the stadium was not a new development for him. However, he emphasized that the real issue was the unfortunate abandonment of the stadium’s original development plans.

He disclosed that his office had finalized documentation with the Middle Belt Development Authority to initiate efforts to rejuvenate the stadium and return it to its previous state of prominence.

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Mr. Frimpong further highlighted that the only remaining obstacle was obtaining financial approval from the Ministry of Finance. He assured the Kwawu community, particularly the supporters of the Okwawu United football club, that they should remain patient as the necessary actions were being taken to accelerate the process.

The MP reaffirmed his dedication to overseeing the project until its completion, underlining the stadium’s importance as a central hub for sports and community gatherings.

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