40 illegalities discovered during ECG’s revenue mobilization drive

The Ashanti Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has discovered the activities of 40 customers who were involved in various sorts of illegal connections. Customers that engage in illicit activities do not pay for the electricity they use, depriving the company of much-needed money. Meter bypass, meter tampering, and direct connections were among the illegalities discovered. The clients were identified and arrested following the Company’s month-long effort to recover all debts owed to it and to monitor the health of its meter installations in customer premises. According to ECG records, the clients illegally used power worth around GH350,000.The amount of electricity theft in the Ashanti Region has been rated as worrying.

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According to the electricity distribution corporation, the majority of businesses and families in the Region are connected to the national grid but do not pay for it.

Meanwhile, 20 Electricity Company of Ghana customers have been arrested for reconnecting.

They are among those who were disconnected by the Company during the Ashanti Region’s revenue mobilization operation. The company is owed over GH86, 000 by the 20 consumers.

According to Ing Kofi Danso, Head of Revenue Protection Unit of the ECG in Ashanti Region, the Company discovered most of their customers linked back power illegally after dispatching a task force to visit their meters.

He warned the public not to engage in any criminal activity in order to avoid prosecution.

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