“After 4 children” – Lady weeps profusely as husband tells her she’s not his spec after 15 years of marriage (Video)

A Nigerian woman with four children has taken to social media to express her deep sorrow after her husband informed her that she did not meet his physical preferences.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the type of person they are attracted to. When a man tells his spouse that she does not fit his “spec,” it usually means that he is not drawn to or attracted to someone with her specific physical traits. It may indicate that he is possibly in love with someone else.

Using her TikTok handle, @star_fissy77, the woman shared that she and her husband had been married for 15 years. Tearfully looking into the camera, she revealed, “After 15 years of marriage with four children, he said I’m not his spec.”

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Upon watching the video, many social media users expressed their sympathy and support for the woman, while criticizing her husband. In the comments section, other women shared their own negative experiences in their marriages.

Some reactions are shown below:

babalolawaliatkeh3 said, “Please get up, stop crying, don’t let him feel is paining you, please start working on your goals, May Almighty Allah be your strength and bestow on u.”

Olori Ashiri said, “Story of so many out there, may God heal all in this shoes….moving on s very important…. “Happy weekend star girl.”

Deborah Adeola said, “Gather the pieces of your shattered life together place it in the hand of master Jesus , it will amaze you what he will mould out of dat broken piece.”

MaryK-MaaKay said, “And I’m here crying over a 7 years relationship without a child which couldn’t work… make I rest.”

fortune said, “I have moved on with 5 kids after 16 year I am getting married again to my hero”.

user2120011934780 said, “yes he didn’t lie because very soon by God’s grace you will forever shine gloriously more than him.love u sis”.

kamummy said, “am still here after a 7 yrs marriage,two beautiful girls,en l don’t regret anything instead l keep my energy and keep going 🙏🙏🙏”.

Mazoela said, “I’m not crying I thank God for the Revelation. I’m in God till eternity
men chapter permanently closed 🥰”.

lovemexoe said, “Am here crying over 1 year relationship wey the man go carry another woman,I just realized I don’t even have a problem am still in my early twenties”.

chinasaokwu said, “my own is worst I have3 kids and am pragant again he said am not the type of woman he wants”.

mamaakefaraj said, “sister, mooooove…i was 10 years in my marriage with 3 boys, when he misbehaved i mooooved…and now am happy and at peace.”

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