Airport security worker caught swallowing $300 stolen from passenger’s wallet (video)

A screening officer at Manila’s international airport was captured on video consuming US$300 (equivalent to RM1,406) worth of money stolen from a passenger’s wallet.

Video footage from an airport security camera depicted the officer, identified as Irency Morados, inserting US$300 in bills into her mouth.

In the video, she can be observed taking a sip from a water bottle offered to her by the body scan operator, Regino Allen. Her supervisor, Abraham de Luna, was also seen engaging in a conversation with her while she seemed to be struggling with swallowing the bills, attempting to conceal her actions by covering her mouth with a handkerchief. This incident occurred on September 8.

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According to a report by the Office for Transportation Security (OTS), the money had been taken from a passenger’s wallet. The passenger had entrusted his shoulder bag to Morados before undergoing a full-body scan. However, the passenger realized that his wallet was open and money was missing, leading to a confrontation in the screening area.

At this point, Morados turned away and started ingesting the bills in an attempt “to avoid getting caught,” as reported by the OTS.

Unbeknownst to her, she had turned towards a security camera while stuffing the money into her mouth. The OTS suggested that her supervisor might have been involved in the scheme, as he was observed approaching Morados, seemingly to ensure that the bills were consumed to eliminate any evidence.

Philippine airport authorities have ordered that charges be filed against Morados. Transportation Minister Jaime Bautista has expressed his intention to seek the “maximum penalty” for her actions.

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This incident marks the third highly publicized case of theft at Manila’s airport in 2023. Earlier in the same year, airport security personnel were caught stealing money from a Thai tourist. Just five days later, another screening officer was apprehended for stealing a Chinese passenger’s watch.

In response to these thefts, the OTS has instructed its personnel to cease wearing jackets and remove pockets from their uniforms.

Watch video below

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