Bridget Otoo reveals how she subjected husband to UK intelligence investigation [Watch]

Broadcaster Bridget Otoo has spoken for the first time about how her actions led to her now-husband, Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh, being investigated by British intelligence during their dating days.

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As a guest on the KSM Show, Bridget Otoo recounted how she met Dr. Ago through a mutual friend and shared her initial impressions of him.

“It was through a friend, Fati. I was there, and she sent me a WhatsApp message that her friend is interested in me; he had seen my picture on her WhatsApp status,” she recalled the events of 2018.

Bridget described her reaction to his display picture.

“She gave my number to him, and he texted me on WhatsApp… So I went to look at his WhatsApp DP, and there was this guy; well-built, having a good time, with a tattoo on his shoulder. As soon as I saw that, I said no, never,” Bridget recounted.

Although he messaged her in 2018, Bridget was hesitant to engage with Dr. Ago. It took two years before they finally met in person.

“He kept texting me, and I just said let me say hello to him again… It went on for more than two years; he kept saying, ‘I really want to meet you,’ and I was like no. Then during COVID, he kept pressuring me because I realized that we lived close to each other. He kept pressuring, and I said no, I am not going to be your COVID meal,” she said.

When they met in September 2020, Bridget’s view changed. “He was well-educated and seemed to have everything. I thought he was too good to be true and might break my heart,” she said.

Despite their enjoyable time together, Bridget had her reservations and took precautions.

“We had a great conversation, and when he left, I had a friend in the UK, and I said he should investigate him for me to find out if he is into drugs, sakawa-fraudster… he worked with British intelligence, so he can get some of this information,” she revealed.

Bridget, known for her admiration of former President John Dramani Mahama and her vocal support for the opposition National Democratic Congress, also wanted to ensure Dr. Ago was not into politics.

“He had roots in the NPP, so I said maybe the NPP had sent him to come… because they realized that she is probably doing a lot of things for Mahama, so this is her weakness… it was one of the things that my investigator had to look for; has he been planted? Apart from the drugs and the sakawa, (they needed to investigate) if he has been sent by someone,” she explained.

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After clearing all suspicions, Bridget still took time before fully committing to the relationship.

She stated her actions were to protect her image and brand.

Bridget Otoo and Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh eventually married in a private ceremony in August 2022.

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