Burna Boy finally responds to being called a ‘new cat’

Burna Boy, who refers to himself as the African Giant, has at last addressed the label of being a “new cat” in the music industry, given to him by Davido. He responded to this with great poise and confidence, showcasing his self-assurance.

The “new-cats vs old-cats” feud sparked by Davido’s statement seems to revolve around the hierarchy and status of artists in the Nigerian music scene. According to Davido, established artists like himself and Wizkid deserve recognition for paving the way for emerging talents like Burna Boy, Rema, and others who are now dominating the music industry.

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However, Burna Boy, having achieved significant success and international acclaim for his music, seemingly felt the need to establish himself as one of the top-tier artists in the industry. Consequently, weeks later, during a recent conversation with Apple Music’s Ebro, Burna Boy finally expressed his thoughts on the matter.

“It is a good thing that people think my movement is new. I love that. Because it keeps me young. It means like, I can do so much more, you know. It stretches my life span.

‘I’m living longer than I thought I would than I even planned to, you know,” he said.

He emphasized that being referred to as a “new cat” is not a negative thing, as it makes him feel youthful, which he sees as a positive attribute.

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