Carsten Schnell’s ‘Heiss!’ Brings the Heat”

Carsten Schnell returns with his latest single “Heiss!”, a scorching hot track that combines the nostalgic electronic vibes of the early 90s with the modern dance music sensibilities of today. Released on May 31, 2024, “Heiss!” is an energetic masterpiece that’s sure to get you moving and grooving.

The moment the beat drops, you’ll be transported to a sun-kissed dance floor, surrounded by the infectious energy of “Heiss!”. Carsten’s production skills shine as he seamlessly blends retro synths with modern drum patterns, creating a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

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Whether you’re looking to kickstart your summer morning or simply need a mood boost, “Heiss!” is the perfect companion. And, as the title suggests, it’s hard not to think of the sweltering heat of summer – or even the urgent issue of climate change – when the temperature rises.

The track’s energy and production quality make it a standout in the electronic dance music scene.

If you’re a fan of artists like Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, or anyone who’s ever blended retro and modern electronic elements, you won’t want to miss “Heiss!”. Get ready to turn up the heat and dance the summer away with Carsten Schnell’s latest single!

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