Chief who escaped from firing squad donates to prison inmates

Naaba Musah Akambonga, the Tribal Head for the Frafra Community in the Ashanti Region, has given food supplies to the Manhyia Local Prisons as a way of commemorating the 40th anniversary since his miraculous escape from a firing squad in 1983.

During the time when he served as a Police Officer, Naaba Musah Akambonga, along with his colleagues, was falsely accused of participating in a failed coup d’état under the Provisional National Defence Council regime. Through what he described as a divine intervention, he remained unnoticed in a confined area while his four companions were taken away by the military and never seen again.

During a brief ceremony to present the donated items to the prison authorities, Naaba Akambonga expressed his gratitude to God for saving his life under inexplicable circumstances, 40 years later. The food supplies were intended as a gesture of appreciation to God and to support the well-being of the inmates.

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Naaba Akambonga firmly believed that some of the prisoners might be unjustly convicted, much like himself in 1983. In response to a request from the prison authorities, the Frafra Chief pledged to renovate the deteriorating toilet facilities at the prison.

Joseph Kwadwo Asabre, the Deputy Director of Prisons, and the Director of the Manhyia Local Prisons, expressed their gratitude to Naaba Musah for his generous donation and encouraged other philanthropists to support the prison as well.

The donated items consisted of rice, poultry parts, soap, sugar, gari (a West African food made from cassava), Dinor oil, and packed meals, totaling 136 in number.

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