Chiefs in Nogokpo give Archbishop Charles Agyinasare 14 days to appear before them

The community of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality has given Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and leader of the Perez Church International, a 14-day deadline to appear before them and resolve a dispute arising from certain statements he made. In a press conference held to address the matter, Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey, the community’s convener, expressed their concern regarding the archbishop’s lack of remorse or regret. They perceive this as a deliberate attempt to damage the reputation of the people of Nogokpo and undermine the African Traditional Religion through religious intolerance.

“The Archbishop in his second sermon and clarification showed no remorse or regretfulness, an indication that he deliberately decided to tarnish the good reputation of the people of Nogokpo and a calculated damage mechanism of the usual religious intolerance to weaken African Traditional Religion”.

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The statement continued that, the utterances of the Archbishop about Nogokpo being the “Demonic Headquarters” of the Volta Region is rather unfortunate, as “Nogokpo is situated along the ECOWAS Highway where thousands of vehicles carrying humans and goods ply on a daily basis but had not encountered any derogatory comment from such road users”.

The chiefs and people of Nogokpo also called on the National Peace Council to “help Archbishop Charles Agyinasare appear before the council of elders of the Nogokpo community within 14 days for amicable resolution”.

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Back ground to the Story

During the Supernatural Summit held at Perez Chapel’s headquarters in Accra on Thursday, May 25, 2023, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare caused a commotion with his sermon on divine protection and the existence of malevolent forces. He recounted an incident in Nogokpo where the tires of the four-wheel drive they were using came off after they had preached about witchcraft and dismantled the works of witches and wizards during the crusade in Aflao on the previous night. The archbishop referred to Nogokpo as the central hub of demonic activities in the Volta Region, although he mentioned that this statement had not been explicitly made before.

Subsequently, the shrine in Nogokpo made an announcement on Facebook, indicating that the Archbishop was ready to face the consequences of his remarks. They stated that due to his comments, they had lost a significant investor who had planned to initiate a business venture in the town.

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