Chop bar owner fingered in 3 murder cases denies involvement

A chop bar owner alleged fingered in three murder cases has denied her involvement in the crime.

She was named as the mastermind by 35-year-old suspect, Richard Tetteh who has been arrested and assisting investigations in the murders.

Per reports gathered, Tetteh claims to have been hired by the local chop bar food vendor to extract fluids from the nostrils and private parts of his victims.

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One of his victims is an unidentified woman believed to be in her 30s who was discovered dead, partially unclothed, near the Otorkporlu Bridge, off the Odumase-Asesewa highway in the Eastern Region.

The victim had been subjected to heinous acts, including the severing of her tongue and private parts. The motive behind these heinous acts remains unclear, with Tetteh alleging that he was paid GHS500 per operation by the chop bar owner.

In a startling twist, the chop bar owner, who Tetteh claims hired him for these rituals, vehemently denies any involvement in the murders.

During interrogation by the district police, she adamantly refutes Tetteh’s accusations, asserting that she has never orchestrated a murder in her life.

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As the investigation unfolds, both Tetteh and the chop bar owner remain in police custody, awaiting further questioning and legal proceedings.

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