Why Ghana is experiencing extreme heat – Environmental expert explains

Environmental specialist Gabriel Kumi has highlighted that the intense heat experienced in Ghana is partly a result of extensive tree burning for charcoal production. Speaking on Adom FM’s Burning Issues program, he emphasized the urgent need for the government to address this issue, alongside tackling other environmental concerns such as illegal mining (galamsey).

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Kumi underscored that the widespread clearing of trees for charcoal not only diminishes forest cover but also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere and elevate temperatures.

Kumi noted that the rampant deforestation in Ghana has exacerbated the country’s already severe heat conditions. He urged for heightened awareness and governmental intervention to promote sustainable forestry practices and alternative energy sources, reducing dependence on charcoal.

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He emphasized the importance of investing in alternatives like LPG to mitigate climate change impacts and decrease reliance on charcoal.

Furthermore, Kumi urged the government to address the underlying causes of these issues and protect the country’s natural resources for future generations.

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