Davido clarifies his relationship with Burna Boy

Davido has spoken out about his bond with Burna Boy, his perceived competition. Contrary to how the media depicts their relationship and the resulting dispute among their fans, The Afrobeat artist said that, while he and Burna Boy no longer connect regularly, they were once incredibly close friends.

Ebro talked with Davido after he appeared on the Morning Show on Hot 97FM in New York, where he stated that he and Burna got along well.

The DMW chief said that the self-described African Giant periodically checks in on him, especially during and after his period of grieving. Recall how the two’s animosity culminated in 2020 after an incident in a Ghanaian nightclub?

It’s worth noting that Davido stated that their crew members, rather than either of them, were to blame for the altercation from that fateful night.

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“It’s funny, it wasn’t even us. It was our [team’s] guys. “That was crazy since it had nothing to do with us,” he explained.

OBO remarked of Afrobeats artists’ solidarity, “Afrobeats [artists] we are in oneness.” Burna [Boy] and I chatted. He dialed my number. He calls me as well, but we haven’t actually chatted in that way.”

“I think I absolutely would,” Davido stated of resolving his concerns with the self-proclaimed African Giant. He [Burna Boy] dialed my number. Wiz [Kid] contacted me. And, ironically, Burna and I used to be really close. “It’s really near.”

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