December Polls: Kufuor sends important message to youth

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has urged Ghana’s youth to actively engage in the December elections to promote the nation’s development and progress.

Speaking at the launch of the Kufuor Scholars Foundation, a voter campaign aimed at increasing youth participation in the upcoming polls, Kufuor emphasized the crucial role of young people in shaping Ghana’s future. He encouraged the youth to view themselves as key influencers in the electoral process, underscoring the substantial impact their involvement can have on the country’s path.

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“Ghana alone has about 30 million citizens and with your learning and mature brain power throughout our societies, if you would do what you should do as responsible citizens to try to give the nation good leadership, inclusive leadership, if you would do that, then I tell you, within a few years you will see Ghana turning around to really be coming up, to be emulated on the continent of Africa to better the lot of humanity.”

In the 2020 elections, over 17 million Ghanaians registered to vote, but only 13 million participated. Issues such as voter apathy, economic difficulties, and poor governance are believed to have contributed to the low turnout.

The upcoming December 7 election is even more critical, as a survey by the Kufuor Scholars Foundation revealed that 43% of every 1,000 Ghanaians plan not to vote. In response, the Kufuor Scholars Programme, in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education, has launched a campaign to enhance voter education and awareness.

Kufuor added, “With over 70% of the youth population, you will be unstoppable if you commit to doing what is right.”

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The launch event was attended by notable figures such as Prof. Agyemang Baffuor Duah, CEO of JAK Foundation; H.E. Harriet Thompson, British High Commissioner to Ghana; Dr. Pascal Brenya, KSP Coordinator; Nana Ama Oppong Duah, Policy Advisor at the JAK Foundation; and Irene Horsham (Esq), Rector of Mountcrest University.

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