Don’t wrap kenkey in polythene – FDA sensitises Yamoransa traders

The Central Regional office of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has initiated an awareness campaign for Fante kenkey producers in Yamoransa and neighboring communities, urging them not to utilize polythene for wrapping the food before cooking.

The program, led by Regional Head Francisca Obeng, aimed to educate Fante kenkey producers about the potential health risks associated with using polythene to package this local delicacy. She stressed that using plastic wrappers could potentially introduce harmful chemicals into the food, posing health threats to consumers.

Ms. Obeng recommended the use of traditional wrapping materials such as dried plantain or banana leaves, as they are natural and do not release harmful chemicals when exposed to heat.

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The Fante kenkey producers showed strong cooperation during the program. They explained that consumers preferred Fante kenkey wrapped in polythene because it had a longer shelf life, especially for export.

However, Ms. Obeng maintained that this practice only puts consumers at risk. She mentioned that the FDA would continue to educate both producers and consumers on the appropriate use of plastic packaging materials in food production, both in markets and at home.

The public has been advised to ensure that hot foods, when sold, are not primarily wrapped in plastic bags. According to a study conducted by Mensah et al. in 2012, one of the primary concerns with using plastics for cooking Fante kenkey is the release of plasticizers, which are chemicals added to plastics to enhance their flexibility and durability.

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