Drama as fetish priest curses traffic officer for alleged extortion

Dramatic events unfolded on the Kronom-Offinso highway in the Ashanti Region, as an infuriated man hurled curses at a motor traffic officer whom he accused of extorting GH¢200 from him.

According to a report from Otec FM, witnesses attempted to calm the man down by offering him water in the hope of persuading him to withdraw his curses.

However, the man, who identified himself as a fetish priest, insisted that only Schnapp (a popular brand of alcoholic beverage) and a distilled spirit could reverse the curse.

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The man explained that he had intended to purchase a new tricycle but was coerced by the officer into paying the alleged amount due to the tricycle’s lack of proper registration.

A video of the incident captured the scene, showing the fetish priest, dressed in traditional attire, surrounded by multiple traffic wardens and an MTTD (Motor Traffic and Transport Department) officer.

Later on, the man performed a ritual to reverse the curse by pouring libation with a bottle of Schnapp in the middle of the road.

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The report revealed that the traffic wardens, who served as assistants to the MTTD officer, were the ones who negotiated and collected the GH¢200 from the priest. The priest reportedly informed the officer that he had agreed to pay the amount since he had not yet registered the tricycle. However, he demanded transparency in the use of the money, warning that if it was misused, the gods would take action against the officer.

This incident showcased the tension and dispute between the motor traffic officer and the fetish priest, highlighting allegations of extortion and the subsequent recourse to traditional rituals in the pursuit of justice.

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