I gave my husband money to pay my bride price – Popular actress reveals


Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has recently attracted significant attention due to her outspoken statement regarding her marriage.

In response to critics who were questioning her decision to marry a younger man named Michael Fisayo Olagunju, also known as MC Fish, Anita Joseph disclosed an intriguing aspect of their relationship.

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Anita took charge of the situation by personally providing money to her husband for the payment of her own bride price. This deliberate action was a way for her to assert her independence and maintain control over their controversial union.

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“I know very well say this man no too dey happy for this marriage niii. You de control am well well Ba….e de obvious even for photo… Shey na u give this man money to pay your bride price?” the troll asked.

In response, she said ““…There’s nothing you can do about it. Na me also give am money to pay bride price. Oh sorry I remember na me pay my self. I control him everywhere Shallom. Okwa Okwu agwugo”, the actress replied.

These events occurred shortly after an intense exchange on Instagram between Anita Joseph and an individual who accused her of dominating her husband and causing his unhappiness. Anita’s choice to contribute financially to her own bride price challenges societal norms and traditions that typically assign this responsibility solely to the groom’s family.

Her audacious decision has generated considerable attention and sparked discussions about the validity of her marriage.

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