Edem Engages In Fiesty Social Media Battle With Shatta Wale’s Manager

“Simple words that were used in this particular editorial press release, what is Edem saying again? Like, what is he saying? I don’t get it. After this, what again do you want to hear? He sits on TV and says, ‘He could have said because of this and that and that Shatta Wale can’t perform’ because no, you don’t understand the history of this press release.

“You don’t understand the conversation of this press release. You don’t understand how things were done, what was discussed, what was said, yet you think you know so much. No, you don’t. This is what you think,” Sammy Flex said while addressing the issue on his YouTube channel and sharing it on X.

He further noted that his relationship with Edem has not been in good shape; hence, his remarks do not surprise him much; however, they will settle the scores when they meet.

“Opinions are always allowed into everybody’s matter. But for you to come and be acting like I don’t know what I am doing is so unfortunate because I know that you and I have some scores to settle, and one day, when we meet properly, we will settle it.

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“I know, but to use this opportunity to go online and to be granted interviews on it like a whole media on a Sammy Flex press release, that is a big deal.”

In response, Edem fired back by saying; “Don’t worry..My contribution go show in your next press statement 🙏🏻”

Sammy Flex previously shed light on the circumstances surrounding the abrupt cancellation of Shatta Wale’s highly anticipated concert in Wolverhampton, UK.

He mentioned that despite encountering numerous health challenges during his time in the UK, Shatta Wale remained resolute in his desire to connect with his devoted fans in Wolverhampton.

In light of this, Sammy Flex revealed that he proposed the idea of arranging a helicopter to transport Shatta Wale to the venue, as opposed to subjecting him to a lengthy journey from London to Wolverhampton.

“Whilst we were still preparing, he fell ill. Weather changes, cold flu here and there. So he became a little weak within that time.

“Then we said, okay, we still want to play this show. We don’t want to disappoint our people. So what can we do now? Let’s make things comfortable for him so he can play this show,” he said on GHOne TV.

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“He doesn’t want to go through a long drive from London City to Wolverhampton. We told them that to make it simple, let’s airlift him, for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Let’s airlift him to Wolverhampton. “When we do that, he can get some rest. He will not be stressed, at least the little energy in him, he will be able to maintain it for the performance moving forward,” he added.

However, the organizers didn’t seem receptive to the idea, responding with, “At this stage, we can’t do it.”

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