Fake University Registrar Declared Wanted By EOCO

The Economic and Organized Crime Office is currently searching for a former Senior Assistant Registrar of CKT-UTAS, Navrongo. This individual has been instructed to reimburse the university for the salary and benefits received during their one-year employment.

Dr. Boadu received a termination letter on January 9, 2023, from the university, which also instructed him to cease identifying himself as a university staff member. Additionally, Dr. Michael Boadu’s Bachelor of Laws and Master of Public Administration certificates from the University of Ghana were determined to be fraudulent.

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“You are also required to refund all the salaries and allowances you fraudulently drew from the University from December 2021 to December 2022 to the C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences GCB Bank Account number: 9021130002211.

“The amount you are required to refund is Two hundred and Thirty-one thousand, One hundred and Eighty-two Ghana Cedis, Sixty-Four Pesewas (231,182,64.00). You may submit a payment plan to cover the full amount paid to you to the Director of Finance not later than January 15, 2023,” the university’s registrar, Dr. V.A. Ankamah Lomotey, wrote.

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