Fix the Country protestors run to Supreme Court over injunction against their demo

Democracy Hub Ghana, the organizers of the Fix the Country protest, have submitted an application to the Supreme Court to challenge an injunction obtained by the Ghana Police Service. The police sought to prevent them from conducting their planned month-long protest in December.

Earlier this month, the Ghana Police Service filed an application at the High Court, aiming to obtain an order preventing three groups, including Democracy Hub Ghana, from staging demonstrations during the Yuletide season.

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During a news conference in Accra on Thursday, one of the group’s conveners, Naa Densuah, restated the reasons for their protest and also announced a modification of their initial schedule to take place between December 30 and 31, 2023.

“We understand the frustration and the desire for a brighter future; the spirit of Christmas is a time of hope and renewal. In response to the unjust injunction, we have filed an application at the Supreme Court, seeking to quash these impediments to our constitutional rights to protest. We believe in the strength of our case and are committed to defending the democratic principles we hold dear.”
“As a result of the injunction, we are forced to make significant adjustments to the schedule we announced previously. We are planning to hold the demonstration from December 30-31. We will be providing more information about this in due course,” a convener for the Fix the Country Movement said.

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Naa Densuah appealed to Ghanaians to support their legal team by contributing to their legal fund.

“In the interim, we call on all Ghanaians to support our legal team by contributing to the legal fund. Your donations will enable us to navigate this illegal challenge. We call on all citizens to organize a peaceful and impactful protest,” she advised.

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