Tears flow as bride’s ex-lover disrupts wedding ceremony

In a viral video circulating online, a bride is observed shedding uncontrollable tears on her wedding day. Despite numerous attempts by attendees to offer comfort, the bride remained visibly distraught due to the unexpected disruption caused by her ex-partner.

According to reports, a man claiming to be the bride’s ‘baby daddy’ entered the venue unannounced, creating chaos. He asserted that the bride had spent the previous night with him, expressing shock that she was now marrying someone else.

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This incident, reportedly taking place in Ivory Coast, has sparked extensive discussions on various social media platforms. The accompanying caption on a popular blog stated, “The father of her child arrived to ruin the wedding because she was with him the day before.”

While some online users suspect the event might be staged, others strongly criticize the man for disrupting the bride’s life.

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