Former CPA arrested for trying to steal electricity cables

Residents of Daasebere Estate in the New Juaben South Municipality of the Eastern Region took matters into their own hands and apprehended a former Community Policing Assistant (CPA) from the Koforidua Central Police Station. The former CPA, known as Theophilus, was caught attempting to cut electricity service cables on a pole in the community.

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The youth of the area beat him and tied him to the same pole he had climbed. The police arrived at the scene and confirmed his identity as Theophilus, despite him initially giving a different name, Acheampong Emmanuel. The Assemblyman for the Old Estate West electoral area, Benjamin Appiah, expressed concern about the increasing criminal activities in the area. Some residents shared their horrifying experiences and called on the Ghana Police Service to enhance patrols day and night.

“Our main issue is the stealing of items in our community. It has been going on often, and when we catch them, we turn them into the police. We are trying to protect the community. This morning I was called that another thief had been caught and beaten, and was tied to a tree. We came and rescued him, so I called the police to assist me. This is about the 4th or 5th time a thief has come here to steal. We have about three or four girls here who have been wounded with knives by thieves after snatching their phones. I don’t like it when thieves are caught by residents and beaten,” he explained.

A young man passing by witnessed the alleged thief on the pole and raised an alarm. The thief attempted to attack the young man with a knife but was prevented by the security guard who joined in the apprehension.

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