Galaxy Foundation to offer free plastic surgery to over 100 people

A non-governmental organization located in Obuasi has joined with several health  professionals to provide free reconstructive surgery to over 100 persons from various parts of the country.

In September, free reconstructive surgery will be provided for Cleft lip, Palate, Post-burn contractures, Hernia, Fused Fingers and Toes, Goiter, Tumors, and Swellings. Speaking at a program to screen people to determine those whose ailments qualify for

surgery, Galaxy Foundation Executive Director David Hagan stated that the purpose of the screening exercise is to identify people with various forms of physical deformities and offer free plastic surgeries to them. He stated that the Galaxy Foundation had provided free plastic surgery to over 300 people throughout the years.

“Through our NGO, we have provided free plastic surgeries to about 390 people from diverse backgrounds. Most of the cases were burns, tumors, hypertrophic mess cracks contractions, joints deformities contractions, conjugal deformities, and multiple fingers and toes.”

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He stated that plans are in the works for the NGO to establish a Center for Deformity Correction, which will specialize in delivering free plastic procedures to the poor and needy who suffer from all types of physical deformities.

According to Hagan, the high expense of plastic surgery in Ghana has made it impossible for the NGO to serve a large number of people.

“The cost of having a plastic surgery in Ghana has been a challenge to correct these kinds of deformities hence we at Galaxy foundation has taken it upon ourselves to help. We call on Government to also support us in our quest to offer free surgeries to people.”

He underlined that the average cost of a plastic surgery is around GH12,000.

“I have faced stigmatization from people due to my condition. Children begin to run away when they see me. At a point, I contemplated committing suicide to end everything.”

Isaac Preko, a shoemaker who has lived with a facial abnormality for nearly 20 years, shared his story with the media.

He said he has had to deal with ongoing stigma from people, which he said nearly drove him to death.Mr. Preko stated that he has struggled to get work because of his appearance, making it difficult to make ends meet. He claims that employers reject him whenever he applies for work, citing the fact that his appearance will turn off clients.

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He expressed gratitude to the Galaxy Foundation for promising to repair his face deformities. He hoped that once completed, this would restore his confidence in living a normal life.

Dr. Emile Tannor, a plastic surgeon at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s (KATH) Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery Unit, stated in an interview that there was a need for all stakeholders to get involved in helping to rectify all sorts of physical deformities.

“Government cannot do it all alone. Just like Galaxy Foundation, other well meaning Ghanaians should also get onboard and assist in conducting these kind of surgeries free for people who cannot afford them.”

He stated that the government cannot bear the entire load, and that other organizations and individuals must also participate.
He decried the rate at which persons with facial defects are stigmatized, claiming that the majority of instances are not genetic and may be corrected.

The Galaxy Foundation has scheduled procedures for the selected 100 persons during the first week of September.

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