Ghana card: How NIA boss caused the arrest of his nephew

The Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Professor Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, has described his involvement in the apprehension and conviction of his nephew, George Kwame Essien, who holds a position as an Assistant Technical Enrollment Officer at the NIA’s Walewale Office.

Essien was recently found guilty of aiding Amadu Seeta, an alleged Fulani herdsman, in obtaining a Ghana Card without adhering to the established standard operating procedures. Professor Attafuah, in a Facebook post, revealed that upon receiving reports of the misconduct, he initiated an investigation by dispatching a team to Walewale. Despite Essien’s pleas for forgiveness and intervention upon his arrest, promising not to repeat the offense, Professor Attafuah declined, citing the actions’ detrimental impact on the system’s integrity.

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“Mr Essien had an uncommon opportunity to serve Ghana as an NIA official. Instead of doing so with integrity and professionalism, George Essien engaged in bribe- taking, registration of an ineligible foreigner, forging the signatures of his office colleagues, and generally involving himself in misconduct tending to undermine the integrity of the National Identification System (NIS) Project — the very foundation of our nation’s digitalization agenda, and bringing the name of NIA into disrepute,” he wrote.

Expressing the NIA’s dedication to upholding integrity, patriotism, and nationalism, Professor Attafuah asserted that the Authority would not tolerate violations of its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), irrespective of the individuals involved. He commended NIA employees who take a stand against criminality, impunity, and lawlessness, underscoring the organization’s commitment to recognizing and applauding such individuals.

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“The conviction of Essien serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, even those with connections to high-ranking officials. Professor Attafuah’s actions demonstrate NIA’s resolve to maintain the integrity of the NIS and ensure that all NIA employees adhere to the highest ethical standards,” he added.

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