Ghanaian journalist ‘weeps’ over anti-LGBTQI+ Bill

A Ghanaian journalist and advocate for LGBTQI+ rights, Ignatius Annor, is deeply saddened by the approval of the anti-LGBTQI+ Bill. Annor expressed how the news, which came on Wednesday, February 28, impacted him so profoundly that he couldn’t focus at work and needed to take the day off.

In a Facebook post, the journalist, currently residing in the US, shared his anguish, stating that he empathizes with every Ghanaian who desires to express their true selves. Additionally, he lamented missing out on the chance to visit his family.

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“Here is what I know, living in truth is the most powerful tool I know,” he stated

It was in February 2021 that Ignatius Annor publicly revealed his sexual orientation for the first time. He had kept this aspect of his identity hidden, fearing the repercussions it might have on his job and the social stigma he could face.

Despite his mother’s statement in January 2017, characterizing the LGBTQI+ community as “demonic,” Annor believes her perspective was shaped by the prevailing societal attitudes rather than genuine understanding.

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Meanwhile, the Bill currently proscribes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activities and criminalises their promotion, advocacy and funding.

Persons caught in these acts would be subjected to six months to three-year jail term with promoters and sponsors of these acts bearing a three to five-year jail term.

The Bill would now require presidential assent to come into force.

But critics have called on Akufo-Addo to reject the Bill, arguing it violates and infringes on fundamental human rights and have threatened to initiate legal action against it.

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