Ghanaian medical students face expulsion over unpaid fees in Ukraine

A number of Ghanaian medical students who are pursuing their studies in Ukraine are currently at risk of being expelled from their programs due to the government’s failure to provide them with their monthly stipends.

These students have been deprived of their allowances for several months, resulting in significant financial difficulties and an inability to cover basic living expenses.

Despite making multiple appeals to the government requesting the release of their stipends, the affected students have yet to receive any positive response or resolution to their situation.

one of the students, Seth Ofori Nyazu, said that the final-year medical students who chose to stay in Ukraine after the war were abandoned by the Ghanaian government.

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“The students took the risk and came to Ghana to try their luck when the war began, but they were sent back to their third and second years in Ukraine. The government promised that it would pay our fees and assured us that the fees would be paid.

“We have had many meetings, and we have proven that we are still in school and still attending lectures. The government promised us several times that it would pay, but we only realized that students in Ukraine had been removed from the list of students whose fees the government is paying.”

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