Google is appealing to US court to dismiss lawsuits challenging its App Store policies

Googleurged a court late Thursday to dismiss multiple complaints brought by Epic, Match, and state attorneys general in the United States regarding how the search and advertising company operates its app store for Android phones.

Google’s petition is the company’s latest attempt to end time-consuming and costly antitrust cases. It has also sought a federal judge in Washington to reject accusations in a Justice Department antitrust complaint filed in 2020. It has also sought a federal court in Virginia to reject a complaint filed by the federal government this year.

“Google looks forward to defending the innovation that made Android successful at trial,” the company stated in its filing, noting that it has filed a “targeted motion for partial summary judgment, which will narrow this sprawling antitrust case for trial.”

Google asked for the dismissal of five claims in a court filing in federal court in California on Thursday.

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Among them was a request to the court to dismiss claims that Google prevented the distribution of competing app shops and thereby violated the law. Google claimed it had no legal need to include alternative app stores in Android, despite the fact that most Android phones come preinstalled with more than one app store and that others can be installed.

It also requested that the court dismiss charges about Project Hug, in which Google paid game developers to keep their games in Google’s Play Store rather than distributing them independently. Google argued once more that game makers are not barred from launching alternative app marketplaces.

Google also claimed that revenue-sharing agreements with wireless carriers had expired more than four years prior and were therefore barred by the statute of limitations.

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