Gyakye Quayson goes to Court of Appeal over ruling for daily trial

James Gyakye Quayson, the MP-elect for Assin North, has lodged an appeal in the Court of Appeal challenging the daily trial order issued by High Court judge Mary Yanzuh.

In order to ensure a fair trial for Quayson in the ongoing criminal case against him, his legal team has filed an application for a Stay of Proceedings. They argue that there have been multiple legal errors committed by the trial judge, which infringe upon Quayson’s right to a fair trial.

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The motion for a Stay of Proceedings is scheduled to be presented on Thursday, June 29, at 11 am, by Tsatsu Tsikata at Criminal Court 3, located on the third floor of the Court Complex in Accra.

Quayson had his election as MP for Assin North nullified by the Supreme Court due to his possession of Canadian citizenship while being a Ghanaian at the time he filed his nomination for the 2020 election. He now faces charges of perjury and deceiving a public officer.

However, he was re-elected in a by-election conducted by the Electoral Commission on Tuesday, June 27.

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In his new application, Quayson states that the appeal is likely to succeed based on the errors of law outlined in the notice of appeal. These errors include the endorsement of prejudice that undermines a fair trial, which is a clear violation of his constitutional right.

Quayson also argues that the Court’s decision to deem evidence of highly prejudicial, unjustified, and insulting remarks by the Attorney-General as irrelevant to the review application is clearly erroneous.

“That the decision of the Court on June 23, 2023, was contradictory to the decision of the Court on June 21, 2023, when an objection by the Attorney-General to the supplementary affidavit filed in support of the application for review was dismissed on the basis that the averments in the supplementary affidavit were relevant to the allegations about the extremely prejudicial, unjustified and insulting remarks of the Attorney-General,”

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