Hajia4Real’s Post On Her Birthday As Battle With US Authorities Continues

Hajia4Reall, a prominent figure in Ghana known for her socialite status, entrepreneurial endeavors, and singing career, has shared a thought-provoking message amidst her recent legal entanglements in the United States regarding romance scams. On her birthday, which falls on Monday, June 26, 2023, she broke her silence and expressed her belief that the truth will ultimately prevail, leading to her vindication.

In reflecting on her current troubles, she recalled a philosophical statement her father once imparted to her during her youth: “only the good die young.” This saying resonates with her and holds relevance to her present situation. The United States Attorney’s Office is investigating her alleged involvement in multiple fraudulent romantic schemes, as well as accusations of money laundering connected to those fraudulent activities. The charges against her include wire fraud, money laundering, receiving stolen property, and conspiracy. If convicted, Hajia4Reall could potentially face a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

According to reports from the New York Post, she entered a plea of not guilty to all charges during her initial court appearances in the United States.

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the caption to the post read;

Happy Birthday to me, and a big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and, above all, your love and prayers showed to me during these difficult times. One thing that my father has always told me since I was young is that “only the good die young, “ and now I truly understand what that statement really means. There is a time for everything, and the world will come to know the truth, and my story will be heard. 🙏

“At this time all we know is that there are six alleged victims and only two dealt with a woman and only one of them claims that he dealt with Ms. Montrage,” he said.

Meanwhile, a statement from the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York said she allegedly scammed one of her victims with a fake marriage.

She is alleged to have sent the victim a tribal marriage certificate purporting to show that they were married in Ghana and took $89,000 from her victim.

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“As to one victim, MONTRAGE used her real name and spoke to the victim several times by phone. MONTRAGE sent the victim a tribal marriage certificate purporting to show that MONTRAGE and the victim had been married in Ghana,” the US Attorney’s Office said on its website.

“The victim sent MONTRAGE approximately 82 wire transfers totaling approximately $89,000 to purportedly help with costs associated with MONTRAGE’s father’s farm in Ghana.

“In total, MONTRAGE controlled bank accounts that received over $2 million in fraudulent funds from the Enterprise.”

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