He was a thief, but when we got married, I helped him change – Woman cries

A startling revelation was made by a woman who has been married to her husband for 15 years during an episode of Nhyira FM’s Obra Show.

Hawa Alidu disclosed that her husband, Akwasi Iddrisu, used to engage in criminal activities to make a living. Nevertheless, she decided to marry him with the intention of positively transforming his life.

The couple’s initial encounter took place at the Kumasi Race Course vicinity in Bantama, where they both sought shelter in a makeshift wooden structure. Despite their humble beginnings, Hawa had the determination and patience to uplift her husband due to her deep affection for him.

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Over time, Akwasi experienced a change of heart and secured a job as a bus conductor, commonly known as a ‘trotro mate,’ which brought in some income.

However, according to Hawa, when her husband began earning money, he started engaging in extramarital affairs.

Contrarily, Akwasi Iddrisu informed the Obra show that it was actually Hawa who abandoned their marriage for another man. He alleged that his wife had placed a curse on him, resulting in his protruding stomach.

Mama Effe and the Obra team are actively assisting in the process of reversing the alleged curse.

Additionally, the Obra team is providing support to facilitate the couple’s reconciliation and to aid them in caring for their two children.

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