Hilda Baci Reacts To Chef Dami’s Challenge

Hilda Baci recently reached out to Dami after learning about her endeavor to break the 100-hour world cooking record. In a post shared on social media, Baci expressed her admiration for Dami’s decision to take on this challenge. Baci emphasized that Dami’s passion knows no bounds, and her willingness to embark on such a cooking feat speaks volumes about her determination. Baci also encouraged Dami to embrace the experience and wished her the best of luck.

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The celebrated Nigerian chef said:

“The beauty of dreams is that they are unique to each individual.”

Hilda said that Dammy taking on the cooking challenge fully demonstrates that passion knows no limit.

Below are some reactions from social media users;

@ebelee_ said: “You’re cute and all sweetie but we don’t like what we hate.”

@yabadooooo said: “You’re a better human being than me walai. Killing them with kindness no wonder you support Peter Obi.”

Uzoplease said:

“Very sweet of you. As for me, I hope she fails this endeavor.”

@chiemerie47 said: “God bless you for showing your support. I hope those hypocritic fans and celebs of your gets to see this.”

@officialsommy41 said: “That’s so sweet of you my fav. But Dami go still fail woefully.”

@TofunmiAkodu1 said: “All the Hilda warriors being pressed for nothing, see your life.”

@olxfur_ said: “You’re a better human being than me my dear.”

@Realistikaal said: “A Queen A Leader A Woman and All more wins as you continue to inspire and give strength to women.”

@FasuanAyodeji said: “That’s some words of encouragement right there. Weldon eHilda.”

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