How my husband abandoned me and our two children after I became broke- Lady who was once a successful businesswoman and breadwinner, reveals she is now homeless (Video)

Patra Idehen, a woman from Nigeria, has shared a poignant story of her husband abandoning her and their children after she encountered financial hardships, resulting in them becoming homeless.

In her deeply moving account, she revealed hitting rock bottom, with no place to call their own. Describing her journey, she mentioned her previous success as a thriving businesswoman, being the main provider for her family.

Reflecting on her marriage to her husband in 2018, whom she met during her school years and thought was an ideal partner, she struggled to hold back tears as she recounted the painful moments of mistreatment she endured from her husband when she faced financial difficulties. This mistreatment ultimately led to his departure, leaving her to fend for herself and their children.

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In summary, a Twitter user identified as MercyE__ wrote:

“Omg! This is Patra Idehen. She got married to her husband when we were still in 200l/300l in Uniben, they were both course mates but I tell you she was already wealthy as at that time, while the guy was just a regular everyday student. Her brand was one of the most popular brands in Benin. Their pre-wedding photo shoot even went viral on social media. I can’t emphasise enough how much I knew her to be rich from her doings from afar. How life got to this point baffles me, like how? This is so heartbreaking  this hurts me so bad because I know where she’s coming from! She turned that guy’s life around for the better, we couldn’t even recognise him, I think he had to even leave school to focus on bigger things. I’m so pained”

Watch the video below:

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